AM Wheelchair + Equipment Pte Ltd has been dedicated towards college coursework help helping patients regain good health by providing a wide selection of affordable healthcare equipment since 2012.

We believe that Healthcare business is much more than trading in health related products but it is an important opportunity to provide a complete, all-encompassing support experience to our care receivers, caregivers, and our community.

Our daily goal is to enhance the quality of life of the disabled people and to facilitate the recovery process of those who are nursing injuries or persistent physical ailments. We understand that their everyday life is an effort by itself, therefore we are committed to listen closely and strive to meet our customers’ every need. We are dedicated to provide the best products the disabled community deserves and to promote independent living and improve our customers’ quality of life.

Our products include a spectrum of walking essay writing service toronto sticks, crutches, commodes and wheelchairs of various sizes.